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Save Money with Pearland Childrens Resale and Consignment

Save Money with Pearland Childrens Resale and Consignment

Posted on Jul 25, 2010 by Paul White

Pearland Childrens Resale and ConsignmentIf you got kids, or have one on the way, you are about to go through a life changing experience.  One of the most noticeable changes is the thinning of your wallet.  To help put this to a stop instead of going to Babys R Us or other retail stores to buy your baby stuff, try the local consignment shops. 

One I highly recommend is Ellies Enchanted Closet.  They are a small shop located off 518 and Dixie Farm Road in Pearland.  Their inventory changes daily.  You can get everything from Car Seats, Pack and Plays, Jumpers, swings, and clothing.  Also if you have baby stuff that your child has out grown and its in good condition, you can take it to ellies and have them sell it for you. Then when it sells you can either get a check for it, or use the proceeds as in store credit.  In my opinion Ellies Enchanted Closet is the best Pearland Childrens Consignment shop

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