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Paul White

Web Developer
Pearland, Texas

I am Paul White, a web developer that works from my home office here in Pearland, TX.

What I do

People often ask me what i do, and its unfortunately hard to describe in just a few words.  I could say I am a webmaster, web designer, web developer, but even those titles really do not fully describe my set of skills.  Most people hear web developer, or web designer, and immediately think, ohh my neighbors kid does that kind of stuff.  There are millions of self proclaimed web designers, at various skill levels.  Some know enough to be dangerous, others know enough to setup Word Press Sites, then there are those who go much deeper.  We run our Own Servers, Write our own code, and impliment our own solutions to our client's problems.  I fall into that category.  

What I know

ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, XML, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX.

I have always been drawn to the entertainment and service industry ( Fun Centers, Bar and Nightclub ).  My clients include Bars, NightClubs, StripClubs, Promoters, and various other small businesses.  My Services include webdesign and Hosting, SEO, Graphic Design, Intelligent Lighting installation and troubleshooting ( DMX lighting ), Building and upgrading computers, general help desk support, Photography, Videography, Photo and Video Editing.  I have a broad set of skills that makes me very useful around most entertainment based venues.  

Family and Personal Life

I got married to the most beautiful girl in the world Kendra in 2002.  We have a son together who was born in 2010, and we live happily in Pearland, TX ( Just South of Houston ).  

Political Views

I lean conservative, but am truely disappointed in the major news networks.  They all use fear and race based reporting to further divide the population and keep people tuned in. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched the news and walked away with a warm fuzzy feeling about life . For that reason I go out of my way to not watch the news.  If there is news that is actually going to affect my life, I will find out in other ways.  I am fan of tech blogs that feature non biased reporting.  When I go to the polls I typically vote for the no shot underdog.  To me that sends the biggest message to the two major parties that they are not doing their jobs.


Like many other guys who work with technology I like to tinker with things.  I am always looking for new ways in which technology can make me more effective at my job, and lazier in my personal time.  A few years ago I got into the Gun Hobby, thanks to my father-in-law.  Unlike most hobbies in which you invest large amounts of time and money into without ever getting any kind of return on that investment, collecting firearms is different.  Guns appreciate in value, so a gun you buy today for $500 in 10 years will likely be worth $600 if not more.  This doesn't help, as it just encourages a man to want to spend more and more on guns.  Even though I don't own that many guns. I do own enough where I start to think about getting a home based FFL, so I don't have to pay the transfer fees every time at my local range, and I could just have it shipped to my house instead.  It has even influenced my feelings on what my next home needs to have.  Large plot of land outside the city, no neighbors, so I can setup my own range with targets.

Technology Views

My Phone runs on Android, and my computer runs on Windows 7.  Nothing against Apple and their products.  They just are not sophisticated enough for my needs.  

Why I started this blog

Every day brings new experiences with technology, family or culture.  I use this blog to report on what I see, what I have learned, and hopefully help a few others along the way.