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Texas vs Nebraska on Taxes, Products and Life

Dec 3, 2015 by Paul White

Recently my family and I traveled back home ( Nebraska ) to visit family for the holidays.  At times we have considered moving back to be close to family, but then we start to compare the two locals, and determine we are ok living just south of Houston.  For those of you who ever wondered how the two places compare here is a simple comparision between the two.

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FaceBook IPO Its all downhill from here

Jan 22, 2011 by Paul White

Facebook is going public.  Even though there are many websites who's parent companies have gone public.  Facebook is the first which is based around a single website.  Not just that but unlike other companies that are diversified accross many different fronts. Facebook for the most part is just a social networking website.  I predict that everything will be downhill from here.  Don't buy this stock!

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Donald Trump considering 2012 run for President

Jan 20, 2011 by Paul White

So it would seem that Donald Trump is considering a run for President in 2012.  Don't know if this is just a publicity stunt ( in which I am obviously not helping by blogging about this ).  Or if he really wants to get stuff done.

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Modern Day Slavery in America

Sep 2, 2010 by Paul White

Even though Slavery as we think of it, was abolished by Lincoln, back in 1865.  Slavery still exists today.  I am not talking about blacks doing manual labor, but the daily routine so many Americans take on just to live.  Recently I had an opportunity to talk with a wealthy business owner about the state of business and the economy.  Overall it was a great discussion, of which I wanted to share some highlights.

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Save Money with Pearland Childrens Resale and Consignment

Save Money with Pearland Childrens Resale and Consignment

Jul 25, 2010 by Paul White

Pearland Childrens Resale and ConsignmentIf you got kids, or have one on the way, you are about to go through a life changing experience.  One of the most noticeable changes is the thinning of your wallet.  To help put this to a stop instead of going to Babys R Us or other retail stores to buy your baby stuff, try the local consignment shops.  One I highly recommend is Ellies Enchanted Closet.  They are a small shop located off 518 and Dixie Farm Road in Pearland.  Their inventory changes daily.  You can get everything from Car Seats, Pack and Plays, Jumpers, swings, and clothing.  Also if you have baby stuff that your child has out grown and its in good condition, you can take it to ellies and have them sell it for you. Then when it sells you can either get a check for it, or use the proceeds as in store credit.  In my opinion Ellies Enchanted Closet is the best Pearland Childrens Consignment shop

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The power of Selling through what is not said

Jul 7, 2010 by Paul White

Over the years I have noticed how the world's most successful companies are selling from what they don't say, rather than what they do.  This is the point in which marketing becomes an art form, rather than just going through the motions.  Even though I am no marketing expert,  I am deeply aware of the types of marketing that causes me to remember and crave a given product or service.

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Why Happiness equals Success

Jul 5, 2010 by Paul White

Once again I find myself contemplating the meaning of life.  I honestly can say that this kind of thinking doesn't happen to a person until they father a child.  So in this blog I go through all the examples of why Happiness equals Success.

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Setting the record straight

Jun 30, 2010 by Paul White

Recently I was talking to some friends and family, and I came to notice there are an increasing number of people who are getting sucked into this Modern Hippie Lifestyle, doing things in total disregard for capitalism.  So in this blog I will list out all the things I see people do and point out why I disagree or agree with it.
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Sell your Gold while you can

Nov 26, 2009 by Paul White

For anyone who wants to sell their gold, now might be the best time.  The value of Gold is going to drop when the fed starts to raise interest rates. If you don't know what I am talking about you might want to read this.

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Netflix on PS3 review its not pretty

Nov 17, 2009 by Paul White

netflix logoI recently got with netflix after learning about their new service for the PS3 that will stream unlimited movies and shows all for the low price of $8.99 / month.  granted the shows and movies are limited in selection, but what really bugs me is the quality.  Click the read for more.

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