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Why Happiness equals Success

Posted on Jul 5, 2010 by Paul White

Once again I find myself contemplating the meaning of life.  I honestly can say that this kind of thinking doesn't happen to a person until they father a child.  You find yourself thinking of what your son will grow up to be.  Many parents I suppose dream of their child taking on a certain profession such as a doctor, lawyer, military officer.  But after thinking long and hard about it, all I want is my child to be happy.

Successful people enjoy what they do

I have watched interviews with numerous people in the business world.  Two of them stand out in my mind.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. These are two men who were driven not by capitalistic ideals ( profit ) but by what they enjoy.  Gates enjoyed writing software and working with computers.  Buffet enjoyed stock speculation.  Buffet admits that even if what he did made no money he would still do it.  The company that is going to be successful is also the company that is willing to sacrifice the most to get there.  The problem is companies are not run by single men who are willing to live at the office.  They are run by multiple people, who manage other people who manage other people.  Essentially your company is only as successful as your weakest bottom feeder who is likely on anti-depressants, and the only think keeping him at the job is rent due next month.  Companies try to weed out these people, filling their positions with someone else, that after a few weeks in the position is no more motivated than the guy you just canned.   If a person is not happy to be at work, and does not enjoy their job, they are going to do it very poorly.  Even if the job came with a high salary, you simply have created an employee who is now going to hate his job, and try to buy happiness.   But still their are depressed.  I have heard of lawyers who work day and night, hate what they do yet, they make millions.  They collect a large amount of material items, and monthly expenses trying to buy their happiness.  Eventually they die from some stress related disease, or quit their job, and find a new path in life.

Starting a business

If there is something you are very passionate about start a business around it.  The biggest mistakes business owners make is starting a business in something they know nothing about.  Every self made billionaire on this planet go there by doing something they love.  It doesn't matter if they started a software company, or overthrew the government and became a dictator, they loved their work, and this enabled them to work the late hours needed to make it happen.

Is Unemployment dropping or are people starting small businesses?

Unemployment rates were pushing 10%.  They are slowly starting to drop.  Keep in mind this rate is based on the number of Americans who are receiving Unemployment benefits. It has nothing to do with the actual number of people who are without a job.  If it was based on people without a job it would be much higher.  I suspect the drop in Unemployment has more to do with people starting their own small business rather than finding a new job.  The government for the past year has been bailing out big companies claiming that they were too big to fail.  I feel that if any one company is too big to fail, then its too big to exist, and its existence is slowing down the success of smaller more efficient companies. 

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