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Donald Trump considering 2012 run for President

Posted on Jan 20, 2011 by Paul White

So it would seem that Donald Trump is considering a run for President in 2012. Don't know if this is just a publicity stunt ( in which I am obviously not helping by blogging about this ). Or if he really wants to get stuff done.To here him talk about running for president scroll to the end of the video.  I am not sure if this would be a good or bad thing, but here are a few of my observations


Everyone knows who he is, and even though some people don't like him, he is a man who speaks what is on his mind, even if its not the most politically correct thing.  I think people are sick of the whole politically correct thing where you feel politicians are telling you what you want to hear rather than what they are really thinking. 

Compares Soviet Union to China

This is something I disagree with him.  China and the Soviet Union are very different countries, even though they both are communist / nationalist in their ideology.  China is a leading exporter, the Soviet Union was not.  China has more than 1.3 Billion people.  The Soviet Union only had 290 Million ( 1990 ).  We were in an Arms race with the Soviet Union.  We are in an economic race with China.  Also the soviet union was not purchasing our Treasury Bonds, while China is a major purchaser.

China is not a nation of debt

Interesting when I searched  around for information about the average amount of debt per person comparing The United States and China.  Turns out China's Citizens are much more financially responsible than Americans.  The average balance in China in $363 per person. While in the USA the average person is $2490 in the hole.  Basically the American lifestyle is leveraged.  If you forced people to buy goods and services based on money they had, rather than using a credit card or getting a loan, I wonder what kind of lifestyle people would really have? 

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