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Dreamweaver cs3 crashes when opening file, solved msvcr80.dll

Dreamweaver cs3 crashes when opening file, solved msvcr80.dll

Sep 14, 2019 by Paul White

I was about to reinstall my entire OS to fix this issue, then one last attempt to determine the cause and I found it.  If you recently started having problems with Dreamweaver CS3 or any version for that matter, crashing when you attempted to open certain files, then I found the cause.  Its in your code, not Adobe's

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What The Yang Freedom Dividend will do to the economy

Jul 17, 2019 by Paul White

I am a huge fan of Democratic Candidate Yang.  A real Tech guy that gets it,  But I am not such a fan of his $1000/month per person Freedom Dividend.  If he gets elected and actually gets this thing through the House and Senate ( unlikely ) here is what it would do to the economy.

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If you Mine Crypto with your Desktop PC Read this

Jul 2, 2019 by Paul White

If you have 1 or more beefy graphics cards in your desktop PC you may be tempted to mine crypto when you are not wasting your life away playing games bring productive.  However there are risks to running your GPUs at full throttle for hours, days or even months on end.  Even if you throttle your GPUs so they their temps don't go over a certain level, the other components inside your PC case may not be up to the task.

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The pros and cons of AOC and Bernie 15 percent credit card rate limit

May 10, 2019 by Paul White

The democratic leadership, Bernie Sanders and AOC.  Have introduced a bill that would cap Interest rates on Credit Cards at 15%.  To anyone with credit card debt this sounds like a great idea.  Here is how it will affect the overall economy.

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How a failing Hard Drive can take down your server

Dec 11, 2018 by Paul White

Normally when a web server goes down you would think its from something major, like a power outage, or a disk failure.  In my case it was a failing 2.5" 2TB WD Green drive.  In case anyone else has failing server, this might help you.

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Crypto Mining vs, ATT Stock Dividends

Sep 4, 2018 by Paul White

Over the holiday Weekend I got a chance to spend some quality time with family.  The topics ranged from cars, to investing.  On the investing topic I shared my thoughts on crypto, which is always a huge risk being most people not in crypto have a hard time getting their heads around the concept.  My Uncle was more for slow and steady investing using high value stocks that pay dividends.  He had a great advice, but ultimately the returns from componding Dividents from ATT Stock doesn't come anywhere close to crypto.  I decided to work the math to give an example.

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How fast will the Nvidia 2080 1180 Hash Crypto Currencies

How fast will the Nvidia 2080 1180 Hash Crypto Currencies

Aug 17, 2018 by Paul White

Even though the estimates are all over the place we an make some predictions based on performance of past models.

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The risk ASIC bring to the Bitcoin Network

Jun 21, 2018 by Paul White

Over time Bitcoin has gone from being a highly decentralized network with thousands of computers mining for coins, to the consolidation of miners into pools, then finally the mega mining farms running ASIC hardware. The result is Bitcoins are now mined by only a handful of pools.  This brings increasing risk to the network, as all it takes is for a major player to be taken out and the bitcoin network would stall.

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LG Washer Grenades itself during spin cycle

LG Washer Grenades itself during spin cycle

Apr 2, 2018 by Paul White

Just a little advice for you guys out there that might over load your washer.... Don't!  I learned this the hardway when our LG Washer grenaded itself during the spin cycle.  What wonder piece of laundry was responsible for this?  Our water proof mattress protector.  Let me explain.

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Bitcoin break even point now at 26 cents per KWH

Bitcoin break even point now at 26 cents per KWH

Mar 26, 2018 by Paul White

As more time goes by the difficulty to mine bitcoin gets higher.  Difficulty ultimately determines how much electricity its going to take to mine a single Bitcoin.  Using WhatToMine.com's ASIC page I calculated that anyone with electricity that costs more than 26 cents per KWH is now spending more to mine, than they are earning.

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