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If you Mine Crypto with your Desktop PC Read this

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 by Paul White

If you have 1 or more beefy graphics cards in your desktop PC you may be tempted to mine crypto when you are not wasting your life away playing games bring productive.  However there are risks to running your GPUs at full throttle for hours, days or even months on end.  Even if you throttle your GPUs so they their temps don't go over a certain level, the other components inside your PC case may not be up to the task.

I even upgraded my desktop PC's case fans with some obscene loud high CFM fans.  Even with those my GPUs still reach max Temp within minutes.  There simply is not enough airflow to keep the temps inside your pc case from getting too hot.  Even if your motherboard, GPUs, and CPU can all handle the high ambient temperatures. The wiring in your desktop is another story. 

I found this out the hard way when my computer after a reboot would not boot up.  Seems the Power Cable going from my Power Supply to my CPU's port had a bad connector that was preventing continuity.  The result was my MSI motherboard would show error 00 and not even give me a boot screen.  After replacing the CPU power cable it booted up just fine.  

Then last night I noticed one of the drives in my RAID array was marked as failed.  Once again a little fiddling around with the cables on the back of the drive and it came back to life.  

This leads me to belive that the SATA and Power cables inside our computer cases may not be up to the task of running for years in high heat due to crypto mining.  

I am now researching an external enclosure that I can use to keep my Hard drives away from my Tower, yet still use a Dedicated SATA RAID controller inside my tower.

Just wanted to reach out to everyone in case they have gotten the 00 error on their MSI motherboard.  Check your power cables before you assume its the motherboard or CPU.

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