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Sony Vegas Pro Crashing caused by bad media indexes

Posted on Jul 10, 2021 by Paul White

Recently my son was editing some of his videos for youtube.  He came to me with a problem. Vegas was crashing.  It would lock up and then force close.  I suspected It could be the Video card, or maybe a corrupt system file.  Turns out it was just a corrupt index from his imported Media.

Figuring this out I ended up swapping the video card, and even reinstalling the entire operating system and Vegas Pro.  But when he opened up his project file, it still would still crash after a few seconds.  Vegas would only crash if we loaded his most recent project.  If it was a new project, no problem.  This lead me to beleive that there was something wrong with the media files he imported.  I suspected that the indexes that Vegas creates when you import new media might have become corrupt.  So I went into the project folder, and deleted the indexes.  Then the next time we loaded the project Vegas automatically made new indexes for the media, which took a few minutes to complete.  After that no more issues.  Hopefully this tip helps other with the same issue.

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