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Who picks up stray dogs in Pearland Texas

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 by Paul White

This is a question I recently had.  There was a black dog in our neighborhood that had been roaming around for a week.  Our neighbors dog had just died from heat stroke, so I made the mistake of trying to help this stray dog out, and put some food and water out for him.  I guess this won him over because since then, he decided to take up residence in front of my house and my neighbors.  I thought that maybe his owner would come looking for him, but I never saw anyone come looking for him.  So I can to find the right officials to come pick him up.

Pearland Human Society

Naturally I called the Human Society.  But they said they no longer pickup stray dogs and have no more room in their shelter.

Brazoria County Animal Control

Next I called Animal Control of Brazoria County.  They told me that I was out of their jurisdiction, and directed me to call the Pearland Police Department.

Pearland Police Department

I called Pearland Police Department, and they said no you have to call animal control.  I told them I just did that, and they gave me a different number than before. 

Pearland Animal Control

Finally I was able to get a hold of Pearland Animal Control.  They took my address down and has an officer at my house in 20 minutes to pick up the stray dog.   Very nice and professional lady.  Thanks again

For anyone else who has a stray dog in Pearland Texas
call Pearland Animal Control 281-652-1970

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