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What Webmasters know about Goog that investors don't

Posted on Mar 3, 2008 by Paul White

What used to be a small company that focused on running a good Search Engine has now evolved into a typical american corporation that is run by a board and Profits.  This is not a bad thing until the profits start to slow.  Investors only see what google claims it will make for earnings.  Webmasters see an entirely different view of Google.  As a webmaster I am constantly tweaking my Websites for better SEO.  Building Backlinks with other sites, and have used Google's Webmaster tools to measure my progress.  All has been fine until January.  Once of my biggest sites that used to get hundreds of referrals from google dropped off the map.  The site is well run, and stays within the google website guidelines for quaility content.  I searched for answers only to find many other webmasters are also having trouble with their sites too.  The google RageRank which is a number ranging from 0 - 10 with google being the only 10 used to be the way webmasters knew how they stacked up on google for search.  Many sites have reported that they have dropped 3 places on pagerank. 

Now why would this happend?  The Answer lies in google's motivations.  Google claims they are optimizing their algorithm to punish sites that are spam and have no value to readers.  However I and thousands of other webmasters who don't make crap sites, also seem to have been punished.  This leads me to believe there are other reasons for google's change.  If they can take sites that used to be top on Search, and push them back a few pages. Naturally these sites will need to get that traffic back some how.  As a result they will have to advertise more, meaning they will have to spend more on adwords ( google's advertising and 95% of their revenue ).  My theory is that google is struggling to make its earnings, so to help boost up its profits it is tweaking its search to force websites to spend more on advertising.  This has pissed off many webmasters.  Be sure to keep an eye on Google's Stock for its 1st quarter results, as I suspect it won't be good.  Google forever has been the friend of Open Source and Developers.  But now google is starting to get greedy.  Just a few days ago some of google's executives filed a report for selling stock.  Why would you sell stock unless you know something bad is coming?  We will find out in due time what google is really up to.

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