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The best Sushi in Pearland, TX

The best Sushi in Pearland, TX

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 by Paul White

My wife and I finally found the time to go out for sushi.  We found ourselves in the Pearland Town Center, eating at Shogun Grill  & Sushi Bar.  It was about 9pm on a Thursday night.  We sat down at a cozy booth.  I was surprised with the best Spicy Salmon Rolls I have ever eaten.  Read more for the full review.


It was a Thursday Night at 9pm.  There wasn't very many customers there; maybe 6 couples in the restraunt.  The music was good, nothing too trendy.  They have nice gentle ambient lighting with a beatifully lit bar accenting the bottles and shelving.  It had a very upscale contemporary feel to it.
Shogun Grille and Sushi in Pearland Texas

The Sushi

I ordered my favorite which is Spicy Salmon Rolls.  Typically a roll consists of 6 pieces at most restraunts.  At Shogun their Roll has 8 pieces!  My wife and I split 3 Rolls ( 24 pieces ).  The cost per roll was good:  $6.25 per roll.  I have eaten spicy salmon at other places and usually the rolls are mosly rice with a tiny amount of salmon.  These rolls had huge chunks of Salmon in them.  The quality of the food hit me on the first bite.  The salmon melted in my mouth like butter.  Each bite was perfect.  We also enjoyed their seaweed salad.  The rice was perfectly moist and the spices were properly balanced.  These were by far the best Spicy Salmon Rolls either of us have ever eaten.
Spicy Salmon Roll at Shogun Sushi Pearland

Staff and Management.

The girl who took our order was very polite.  It seemed the management wanted to close earlier than 10PM.  They turned off the music at 9:50 PM.  Very rude in my opinion. My wife and I were having a good conversation.   The music provided the ambient background noise that allowed us a sense of privacy.  Then when they turned it off, we felt as if everyone in the restraunt was going to be ease dropping on our conversation.

We were going to order desert, but after the music stopped we no longer felt welcomed, and just wanted to leave.


Even after the bad ending of the night.  The sushi was still good enough that we will be returning.  Hopefully we don't have a repeat of the first time.  Our final bill after. 3 Spicy Salmon Rolls, 1 Seaweed Salad, 1 Cosmopolitan, and 2 waters was $31.  

For more information you can visit their website
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Paul | Dec 9, 2013 6:27 PM

Once again people great Sushi!.  Also last time we tried a few drinks at the bar and they were full strength.

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