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The Best Halloween Party in Houston for Adults

The Best Halloween Party in Houston for Adults

Posted on Oct 1, 2014 by Paul White

October is here, and that means its time to starting planning what outragous costume you will assemble for this years Halloween Parties.  For the adults who want the Vegas Halloween experience without hoping on a plane, I suggest you checkout the DesirousParty Event at the Ritz Houston.

Checkout the Official Event page here

Why this event?

DesirousParty is not your typical event promoter.  They have a large following of couples and single females who lead professional lives, yet a few times a year they forget their stiff necked corporate demenor, and live like rock stars.  To Label these people as Swingers would be a disservice to who they really are.  Even though DesirousParty has a good number of Lifestyle couples, most of its members are more of the see and be seen crowd.  They enjoy the elaborate costumes, and the respect that is given by fellow members.  

Do people have sex at the Party?

Most people who imagine a Lifestyle or Swingers Party think of a wild Orge, where everyone is doing everyone else.  That is not the case here.  You might see a couple of girls make out ( Think Girls Gone Wild ), but any direct engagements don't happen til the after parties back at the hotel.  Think of the party as a giant mixer where you get to mix and mingle, and enjoy some great people watching.

Who can go?

Couples and Single Females Only.  Single Males are not allowed unless they are escorted by a couple.  This is not a party to pickup chicks, its a party to enjoy the sexual atmosphere, DJs playing the hottest EDM, and a chance to meet like minded couples in a safe private environment.

Whats the Difference?

I know what you are thinking,  DesirousParty doesn't sound much different than any other main stream party group.  Here is the difference.

Your Halloween Party

Involves hanging out in a crowded bar surrounded by drunk judgemental people.  Only some people wear costumes, and half of those are the bar staff.  At least 1 drunk single male causes drama for the night, and several girls (haters) give your girl dirty looks because of her outfit.

Desirous Halloween Party

Involves hanging out in a large multi floor venue. Everyone is wearing a costume.  All the girls are dressed in sexy stripper costumes, and most of the guys are in costume, if not they are in upscale fashionable attire.  The entire night you get compliments on your outfit, and by the end of the night your girl is drunk and making out with another chick.

DesirousParty provides a safe private atmosphere for Couples and Single Females to party.  Its highly recommended to buy presale tickets, so you don't have to wait at the door.

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