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Ranking top on Google Places Explained

Jul 4, 2016 by Paul White

Google Places has become a very powerful force for local businesses. Especially for competitive niche markets where there are more than 3 competitors in the market.  After working with a couple of local buisnesses in Houston that compete in the same market I have a very good idea for what impacts your business showing up in the top 3 spots.

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The Best Halloween Party in Houston for Adults

The Best Halloween Party in Houston for Adults

Oct 1, 2014 by Paul White

October is here, and that means its time to starting planning what outragous costume you will assemble for this years Halloween Parties.  For the adults who want the Vegas Halloween experience without hoping on a plane, I suggest you checkout the Desirous Party Event at the Ritz Houston.

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Best Halloween Party in Houston

Best Halloween Party in Houston

Oct 20, 2012 by Paul White

This year Desirous Party is throwing the wildest Halloween Party in Houston. 2 Floors 3 Bars, 22,000 SQFT, 4 DJs. I am personally installing and programming the light show for both the upstairs and downstairs dance floors. Join Desirous Party at the Ritz Cabaret. Couples and Ladies only. Single Guys are not Allowed in, so guys bring a date!

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What is the best NYE Party in Houston

What is the best NYE Party in Houston

Dec 16, 2011 by Paul White

New Years Eve is coming up, and this means you have one last time to party.  There are a lot of parties to choose from.  If you are looking for your average party with some people watching, some small talk, and a mid night toast, then you can find a decent party by walking into just about any bar.   But if you want a truely wild experience, then join desirous party.  There are lots of NYE Parties in Houston, none will party this hard.

Guys this is a couples and Ladies only event.  If you want to attend bring a date.  Visit Desirous Party for Details

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Houston Strip Clubs and Reviews

May 27, 2009 by Paul White

I have built a new website.  Its for all the guys and ladies who want to find a good strip club.  I only have houston added so far.  Over time we will get around to adding clubs to other cities.  So if you like Strip Clubs, feel free to checkout our list of Houston Strip Clubs, and leave a review. 

houston strip clubs

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Life lessons from a Strip Club

Aug 20, 2008 by Paul White

Before you let your mind wonder off to places it shouldn't.  Let me be clear I was at a strip club doing computer work.  After a discussion with the DJ, I can to realize the rules of a strip club, some of which could apply to those with corporate jobs.

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