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Houston's Club Coppia Night Club

Mar 21, 2009 by Paul White

Club Coppia logoMy Client was promoting a party down at Club Coppia this past weekend.  We went down to checkout the scene.  Very nice club.  Even though its small. The layout its perfect.  A lot of planning went into this venue.  If you like nightclubs I highly recommend everyone check this place out.  Especially when DesirousParty is hosting a party there. 

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Spring Break in Beaver Creek

Mar 15, 2009 by Paul White

For Spring Break my wife and I visited family out in Colorado.  We spent 4 days on the slopes at Beaver Creek and had a great time.  For those of you who have never skied before, and are thinking about it, here are my thoughts.

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Temptation Lounge Houston Nightclub

Feb 14, 2009 by Paul White

Temptation Lounge is a brand new nightclub for Houston lifestyle couples ( AKA swingers ).  I did the website for them, and last night I went in to take some shots of the club before it opened.  Lots of Lounge seating, 2 large bars. Big dance floor, private rooms where I am sure some very naughty activities will happen.  Grand opening is Saturday night ( 14th valentines day ). Check out the photos

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Best DJ in Houston

Jan 18, 2009 by Paul White

Houston DJ Eddie SpettroI used to think that Houston was filled with nothing but talentless DJs.  But Saturday night I went down to Lastrada for Desirous Party's Gangsta Girl Party.  The crowd was hot, and the music was even hotter.  DJ Eddie Spettro had a pefect mix of top 40, hip hop, and classic dance music that kept the girls dancing til closing time.  It wasn't just the song's he picked, but variation in mix, and play order, along with perfect beat matching, that kept the energy alive.

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Spring Valley Home for Sale

Dec 21, 2008 by Paul White

Spring Valley Texas Home for saleEven though real estate in Houston tends to be on the cheap side.  There are a few neighborhoods that are turning into the Texas version of Malibu.  Spring Branch and Spring Valley off I-10 are two of these areas.  I was driving through there the other day, and I was amazed by how these communities were being transformed.  Land values in the area alone will go for $350K and up.   Some people are just fixing up the original 1950's homes, others are ripping them down and building custom million dollar estates. I noticed this beautiful Spring Valley home for sale on the corner of Bingle and Westview currently for sale.  What is great about the homes in Spring Valley is the high number of million dollar homes.  I give it 5 years before you won't be able to get a home in this area for under a million dollars.  At $407K this one is a steal.  You have to see all the photos to appreciate it.
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Cheapest Sushi in Houston

Dec 20, 2008 by Paul White

Spicy Salmon Rolls at OishiiFor years my wife and I have enjoyed Oishii Japanese Restraunt.  The sushi was always fresh, and the service was always great.  One other thing kept us coming back.  Their prices are the cheapest in houston.  My favorite is their Happy hour 3PM - 7PM weekdays.  Buy one get one free on several rolls including spicy salmon.  Normally you get 6 pieces for $4.00.  During happy hour you get 12 pieces for $4.00.  My wife and I could walk in and walk out stuffed with sushi, for under $20 including Tip.  Click the read link to see where its at.

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It snowed in Houston

Dec 11, 2008 by Paul White

Snow in Houston with Mr Pepe
Can you believe it, Snow in Houston.  Not just snow but enough to make a snow ball.  I am going to make Pepe an igloo if it keeps up.  Here are some photos for your enjoyment

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Life lessons from a Strip Club

Aug 20, 2008 by Paul White

Before you let your mind wonder off to places it shouldn't.  Let me be clear I was at a strip club doing computer work.  After a discussion with the DJ, I can to realize the rules of a strip club, some of which could apply to those with corporate jobs.

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Iniquity Houston Club Photos and Review

Jul 28, 2008 by Paul White

When you pull up to Iniquity Houston, the first thing you will notice is the Giant Q above the entry.  Valet Parking is there ready to serve you, along with a shared parking lot accross the street if you would rather self park.  Before you make plans to attend this venue, just know this.  The place is a BYOB couples club.  Meaning if you plan on going, you must bring your own alcohol.  You can then buy Mixers ( coke, Juice, water ) from the bar tenders.  Also if you are a single guy, you will need to bring a female date.  Single Ladies of course are always encouraged to come out. I have include a few pictures of the club. Enjoy

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Awesome Chinese Hunan Cuisine in Pearland Texas

Feb 19, 2008 by Paul White

If you want some excellent Chinese food in Pearland Texas with friendly service I highly recommend you checkout Pearl Dynasty. The food is excellent!

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