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Spring Valley Home for Sale

Posted on Dec 21, 2008 by Paul White

Spring Valley Texas Home for saleEven though real estate in Houston tends to be on the cheap side.  There are a few neighborhoods that are turning into the Texas version of Malibu.  Spring Branch and Spring Valley off I-10 are two of these areas.  I was driving through there the other day, and I was amazed by how these communities were being transformed.  Land values in the area alone will go for $350K and up.   Some people are just fixing up the original 1950's homes, others are ripping them down and building custom million dollar estates. I noticed this beautiful Spring Valley home for sale on the corner of Bingle and Westview currently for sale.  What is great about the homes in Spring Valley is the high number of million dollar homes.  I give it 5 years before you won't be able to get a home in this area for under a million dollars.  At $407K this one is a steal.  You have to see all the photos to appreciate it.

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