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Iniquity Houston Club Photos and Review

Posted on Jul 28, 2008 by Paul White

Iniquity Houston NightClub

When you pull up to Iniquity Houston, the first thing you will notice is the Giant Q above the entry.  Valet Parking is there ready to serve you, along with a shared parking lot accross the street if you would rather self park.  Before you make plans to attend this venue, just know this.  The place is a BYOB couples club.  Meaning if you plan on going, you must bring your own alcohol.  You can then buy Mixers ( coke, Juice, water ) from the bar tenders.  Also if you are a single guy, you will need to bring a female date.  Single Ladies of course are always encouraged to come out.  In my opinion this venue is designed with the female's tastes in mind.  Cozy Couches are all around.  With sections that are divided off for a more private gathering.  There are plasma screens everywhere, with the upcoming promotions along with a Satalite feed of the Play Girl Channel.

The People
The crowd was well dressed.  Most of the guys were wearing slacks and button down shirts.   The girls showed up in their Sky High Heels and Boots,  Mini skirts or short shorts.  Any night that Desirous Party is doing a promotion you are sure to see the ladies dressed to match the theme of the night.  The night I was there the theme was Molin Rouge.  There was easily 20+ girls in fish nets, and bustiers.  If you want to see more photos of the people visit desirousparty.com 

For an understanding on how the BYOB works.  Its just like any other club.  The only difference is you need to bring your own Liquor.  The only downfall is you pay a higher cover to get in.  I want to say it was $55 / couple for the one night membership.  Longer memberships are available if you plan on going often.  If you are planning to go out for a night of heavy drinking, Its actually much cheaper to goto a BYOB.  Considering that a Bottle of Premium Vodka can go for $500+ at nightclubs in Houston.  You could instead buy it yourself for $50 and pay a little higher cover to party at Iniquity for the night.  However many people don't plan on going out til its too late.  Liquor stores in Houston close at 9PM on Friday and Saturday nights.  So if you plan on going out to IQ ( Iniquity ) you need to plan in advance.  Many people wish the venue was a cash bar with a lower cover, and there has been much debate over if this would be a better business model for the club.

Couples and single females only
Let me get something straight.  Couples only does not mean swingers.  Even though Iniquity Houston does draw its share of Respectful Lifestyle Couples.  Don't expect to walk in and see people doing it on the tables.  Its the total opposite.  Since only single females and couples are let in, this makes a respectful enviroment for you and your lady.  We have all seen how drunk single males can ruin a party.  This is something you will never have to worry about in this establishment. 

The club is very discreet.  It creates the perfect atmosphere for couples.  Everything about this club is intended to turn the female on.

The DJ does an excellent job of setting the mood.  Earlier in the night they play classics, to get everyone comfortable, then they move on to Top 40 and Hip Hop. 

There are plasma Screens everywhere with Club News, and later in the night I noticed the Play Girl channel.  Some people just sat at their tables and people watched all night.  While others drank happily.  Everyone was smiling and having a great time.  The combination of the Entry and layout helps to set the mood and make people comfortable.

Article Update 8/20/2008

What I am stating below is only my personal views, and in no way represents the views of my clients.

If you are planning to visit this nightclub, be sure the Desirous Party is doing a promotion that night.  Else the place will be dead.  The only nights I have gone have been nights that desirousparty.com has been doing promotions.  After talking with some other people it would seem that the club is not able to pull a crowd on its own.  DesirousParty has suspended all future promotions at Iniquity Houston.  Rumors have been circulating that IQ is having financial troubles.  The Owners have not been paying their promoters.  Let this be a warning to any other promoters who are considering doing promotions at this venue.  The decor and layout is still very nice.  If this club goes under it will be a huge loss for the Houston Area.  The only thing that could possibly save it, is for the club to get a liquor license, and charge a much lower cover.  The BYOB issue is one that inconvinces many, as too many people don't plan ahead for the events.  But for other reasons the venue is unable to get a liquor license at this time.  If you want to have a good time I recommend attending one of the events found at desirousparty.com
Currently DP is promoting events at TMZ, and the Ritz, both of which are excellent venues. 

Article Update 12/1/2008

Iniquity Houston is no longer in business

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Ira Lewis Evans Jr. | Mar 1, 2010 4:21 PM
36 year old African American Male, interested in something new for my wife and I.  Please pass along to me more information about your club.
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