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Houston's Club Coppia Night Club

Posted on Mar 21, 2009 by Paul White

My Client was promoting a party down at Club Coppia this past weekend.  We went down to checkout the scene.  Very nice club.  Even though its small. The layout its perfect.  A lot of planning went into this venue.  If you like nightclubs I highly recommend everyone check this place out.  Especially when DesirousParty is hosting a party there.

One of the things I liked about this club were its attention to detail.  Seating is on two levels.  The first level is around the dance floor, and the second level is raised up, separated into cozy sectional seating.  The dance floor is a good size, and no matter where you are in the club you always have a good view of the dance floor.  They could probably put a little more money into their light show, as it seemed they lacked any kind of Intelligent lighting, or at least if they were DMX lights, they were in auto mode.  The music was good, and there was plenty of free parking for patrons.  Even though its small,  its is one of the nicest clubs in Houston.  Just too bad its so far north located off the north east corner of the beltway. If this club was around the Richmond stripe or the galleria, it would be packed every night.

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