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JAX Burgers Review

JAX Burgers Review

Posted on Nov 29, 2015 by Paul White

One of my favorite foods is burgers.  Over the weekend I discovered JAX in Pearland, Texas.  Hands down the best burger you can buy in all of Pearland, and definitely a top 5 for all of Houston.  They combine great taste, and low prices in to a mouth watering juicy 8 ounce Angus Beef Patty.


They are located in the shopping center at the intersection of Cullen and 518, next to Kroger.

JAX Location in Pearland

The place is relatively small.  There was only seating for maybe 30 people inside.

JAX menu and prices

All Burgers are based on an 8 oz Juicy Black Angus Chuck Patty, with the regular JAX burger selling for $6.75.  Other burgers that add bacon, and other addons can go as high as $8.50. Keep in mind this is not a combo price, this is the the burger only.  No Combos available with the exception of the Kids meals.  Everything is All-la-Carte.  

The Burger
JAX Burger

This mouth watering master piece is worth every penny of the $6.75.  The seasoning and moisture level is perfect.  The regular JAX burger is very thick, think twice before you order a double meat for an extra $4.50.  

JAX Pepsi Products

They serve Pepsi Products


We don't eat out that often, maybe once every 2 weeks, but when we do JAX is one of the few places that has earned our business.  If you enjoy a good burger, I highly recommend you check this place out.  You can learn more about them at their website www.jaxburgers.com

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