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Excellent Mediterranean Restaurant in Pearland Texas

Excellent Mediterranean Restaurant in Pearland Texas

Posted on Dec 22, 2013 by Paul White

If you are a fan of Mediterranean Style Food, like Gyros, then you need to checkout Cafe Taraiz in Pearland.
Cafe Taraiz


Its located at  9415 Broadway Street, Pearland, TX 77584.  Its on the North side of broadway in a stripmall.


The decor is nothing fancy. Its a very basic sit down restaurant.  It does not have any theme to the decor. Seating is by tables with up to 4 chairs.  Its not very big as it only has seating for about maybe 40 people.
Beef and Rice
Gyro Plate

Food and Beverages

The food was excellent.  Good portion sizes leaving you satisfied, but not stuffed.  My wife had a Gyro, I had a plate of beef and rice, which included some humas.  The hummas was some of the best I have ever had.  The meat was properly seasoned, and well cooked as is most mediterranean food.  My son had the kids burger, which was also very good.  I had the spiced tea, which was excellent.  


The staff was very friendly, and the food was promptly prepared.  Granted we got there right at open on a Saturday, so we were the only customers at the time.  Glasses never went empty.  My son got to take his kids drink with us (Plastic Cup) when we left which made for a quiet ride home.


The food was very affordable.  We were originally drawn in by a craving for Gyros, and my wife had a $5 coupon.  Our total bill came to about $33 after coupon and Tip.  

More info

The website is nothing very impressive ( basic Godaddy builder site ).  It definitely does not do the place justice.   But they have their menu, pricing and other information online so it does get the job done.  Some professional photos of their food would go a long ways to helping their business.  Hint Hint.  Call me : )  I am sure we can work something out!.



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