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How to Start a Web Design Business

Oct 29, 2009 by Paul White

Recently a guy was asking me about how to get a web design business off the ground.  Well since I have been doing this for a while I am going to share this with all the noobies out there.  So if you are new the web design, and want to know a good plan for getting your business established read this.

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The real cause for the Chicago Cubs bankuptcy

Oct 21, 2009 by Paul White

Recently on MSN, there was an article about how the Chicago Cubs have gone bankrupt in order to pay back depts by the Tribune.  It was interesting to see the reasons the author listed as the cause.  However I think there is  lot more to this than most people want to believe.

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Tax Time again for 3rd Quarter

Oct 15, 2009 by Paul White

Its tax time again.  At least it is for those of us with our own corporation.  If you have been doing things freelance, or under the table.  Here is an inside look at running your business and how it affects you tax wise.

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Houston Getting 50 Mbit residential connections early 2010

Sep 20, 2009 by Paul White

Comcast HoustonOne of my neighbors works in management for Comcast here in Houston.  After talking with him it would seem that Comcast has big plans for Residential Service in Houston.  Like 50Mb/sec type of plans.  Or for those of you who prefer to think of data transfer in Bytes.  6.25 MB/sec downloads.

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What will cause the next Depression?

Jan 12, 2009 by Paul White

the real value of money By going back in history you can learn the cause and effect that created many of the financial moments of the past.  One of the moments I have been focusing on was the recession between 1978 and 1982.  If history repeats itself, I can see several ways 2009 could blossom into an full out depression.  Click the read link to hear my insights.

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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Texas

Jan 7, 2009 by Paul White

Farmers car insuranceGeico car insuranceFor years our family has used Farmers insurance.  Our Farmers Agent here in Pearland, TX is a great guy, but with the recent rate increases I was left with no other choice but to start price shopping.  Ultimately we moved to Geico.  You won't believe how much we are saving.  Click the read link for all the numbers and details.

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How Microsoft could Bankrupt Google

Dec 29, 2008 by Paul White

Microsoft attacking Google flow chartI was thinking recently about the Adblock plus plugin for the FireFox browser.  Then I came to realize that Microsoft with Internet Explorer could easily destroy google's Number1 revenue generator and bankrupt them if they wanted to.

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Why GM must stay in business

Dec 18, 2008 by Paul White

Cadillac Cien XLR ReplacementNormally I am pretty anti GM.  But a few years ago Cadillac had this concept car.  It was rumored to be the replacement for the XLR.  If GM has the intent of actually bringing this car into production, then by all means keep them in business. 

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Obama's Green Deal

Dec 10, 2008 by Paul White

Barack ObamaSimilar to back in the 1930s when we had the new deal to help create jobs, and get the country out of the great depression.  Obama has a similar plan, but his plan involves green technologies.  The plan is really simple.  By upgrading government buildings ( military, schools, administrative ) with more energy efficent technologies ( lighting, heating, cooling ) we can decrease the long term opporating costs of the government, and at the same time we are creating demand for these new technologies which should increase the number of green jobs.  Your former GM assembly worker might now find themselves working in a factory making solar panels.  Read more for details
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Marketing to High Income Customers

Nov 25, 2008 by Paul White

Something I have noticed in recent years is advertisers are getting more keen to marketing to those with the High Income mindset. Read more about my thoughts on this and a few rules for how to reach out to these consumers.

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