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Why GM must stay in business

Posted on Dec 18, 2008 by Paul White

Cadillac Cien XLR Replacement
Normally I am pretty anti GM ( just not my style ).  But a few years ago Cadillac had this concept car.  It was rumored to be the replacement for the XLR.  If GM has the intent of actually bringing this car into production, then by all means keep them in business. The current XLR is nothing more than a Corvette with different body panels.  Nothing against the Corvette, as the latest ones have more power than the average person knows what to do with.  I am just more into the italian contemporary style, and this concept is it. 

GM's designers and engineers are some of the best.  But unfortunately once upper management and the accountants get their hands on the project everything seems to go south.  I hope GM can make it through this recession, and actually bring this car to production as is.

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TRUTH80 | Dec 2, 2013 5:03 PM
Will they ever make this? If so, I'll buy!!!
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