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utilizing your core i7 with SETI at home

Posted on Dec 17, 2008 by Paul White

Now that you have your awesome new core i7 workstation ( like me ), its a shame that whenever you look at task manager you rarely see your 8 processing threads being utilized.  Well if you are one of those people that prefer your 4 cores not being hanging around the water cooler all day ( System Idle Process ). Then I have just the program for you.  Help in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( SETI )

Being its getting cold here in Texas, why not turn your computer into a make shift space heater?  By running SETI at home you will keep your CPU maxed out doing work, resulting in both a contribution to the research community, and heat for your office.  Even though the core i7 is pretty efficient.  Running SETI it does make a little more heat. 

Task Manager at 100 percent on core i7
core i7 maxed out while SETI at home runs

Seti at home graphical display
Graphical display of SETI at home

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