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how to Root a mytouch 3g Slide

how to Root a mytouch 3g Slide

Posted on Mar 5, 2011 by Paul White

Recently I bought a Tmobile MyTouch 3g Slide off ebay for about $200.  No I didn't replace my HTC HD2.  Still the best phone available in my opinion.  But my wife wanted something with a full keyboard and I thought it was about time she tried something with Android.  Of course the stock 3g slide comes with lots of nice features, but lacks stuff like teathering and wifi router that tmobile would rather you not have or pay extra for.  The easiest way around this is to root your phone and then update it with one of the many custom ROMs available on the web.  Well let me just say that this rooting experience was not easy.  But if you are serious about getting it done and want the best tutorial to do it, I know just the place.


I spend half my Friday on XDA-Developers.com trying to find an simple and through tutorial that would show me how to root my tmobile mytouch 3g slide.  I am not slamming the guys on XDA-Developers they are awesome!  But unfortunately they assume you already know some basics, and leave out some details that are very important to getting your phone rooted.

Then I found the tutorial on theunlockr.com.  Not only do they have the written step by step directions, plus working links direct to the files you need to get the job done.  They also have a video that goes through the process.  All I am going to say is Thanks Guys!!!  You guys rock!

In case some of you want to know which Rom I finally went with.
I went with the 3rdSense 1.0
So far it has ran flawlessly.

I highly recommend this rom to everyone.
Only ROM I would pick over this is the Energy ROM but that developer doesn't have it ported for the MyTouch 3g slide.  ( That is the ROM I am running on my HD2 )

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SteveWin | Oct 3, 2011 11:43 AM
Good to know. Of course about a month after you did this HTC released 2.2 for the MTS3G. That version has tethering and wifi hotspot built-in.
Paul | Oct 3, 2011 11:52 AM
This article is a little dated.  If you are planning on installing a custom ROM on your 3G slide, try Cyanogenmod.  Huge boost in performance, plus you still get all the additional goodies. HTC's ROM is sluggish by comparison
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