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Why I didn't like Star Wars The Force Awakens

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 by Paul White

While everyone I talked to said it was excellent. I finally got a chance to go see it with my wife on New Years Eve.  My personal feelings is it didn't hold up to the hype.  Here is what I didn't like about the movie.

Spoilers Warning.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read any further.

Personality Changes

Original Characters (Han, Leah)  didnt' have the same personality as in the original trilogy.  The worst part is episode 6 leaves off with everyone happy, then we start up episode 7 with a very disfunctional family.  No back story on what happend.  Its almost like J.J. Abrams didn't want things to go along with the plots that was written out in the books.  The chemistry between Han and Leah didn't seem to mesh either.  I would have rather liked to see Han take a more active role in the rebellion, or if he went back to smuggling, he would have moved up into a management position.

Fin's Character is not believable

Fin for what I can remember was the only black character in the movie.  Or as I will call him Token by disney to attract a broader audience.  On top of that his personality did not make sense.  He was supposively taken from his parents at birth, and trained to be a storm trooper.  Then the first time he goes into battle where he is in this 20s he has mental issues.  On top of that he seems very insecure about his abilities.  Later he tells Han he was a janitor, and he knows nothing about the base.  Most of his dialoges where over emotional.  Why did Disney feel the need to portray him like this?  I would rather see a strong black personality who has mental focus.  I guess this is how Disney waters down the movie for kids.  

Fin and Poe's hug

So 2 guys that only knew each other for a few minutes loose track of each other, and when they reunite they huge as if they had known each other for years.  That was a little much.  Why not a Hand Shake?  Pat on the back?  Are we trying to set ourselves up for a san francisco style episode 8?

Rey does not do starwars females justice

So we went from Carrie Fischer, Natalie Portman, who both are very attrative females, and played very dominate yet attractive roles in Star Wars, to Daisy Ridley, who is also attractive, but instead plays a butch female lead role.  I get it she is stranded on Jakku, and adapts to living there, but still seems like Disney didn't want anything sexy in this film.  Once again watering down the plot for the kids.  

Dialogs were terrible

All the dialogs seemed like they were written for a cartoon.  They didn't feel natural or authentic.  Once again Disney wrote the script for the kids.

Captain Phasma

Considering the amount of marketing put into this character, it had almost no scenes in the movie.  I don't even recall any fight scenes involving her.  Granted the body armor is nice, but I disappointed they didn't use this character more in the film.


To me the entire movie seems like it was made for merchandising.  Its almost like Disney developed the guns, ships, and props, well before they started writting out the plot.  Some props you can tell were only shown briefly so they could create demand on toy shelves.

3D or not

A friend of mine saw it in 2D and said it was awesome.  Went and saw it in IMAX 3D and said it was even better.  When I saw it I saw it in Cinemark's Real3D.  The theater only fit about 240 people. The screen was relatively small compared to other screens.  I think there was only about 40 people in the entire theater. Kind of dead if you ask me.  The worst part was the frame rate seemed choppy.  In fast moving action scenes I could see the frames chopping through.  In this modern day and age theaters really should do a minimum of 60 - 120 FPS.  Not the traditional 24 FPS.  Consumers can see the difference, and it takes away from the movie.  Maybe the IMAX would have been better, but I can definitely say Cinemark's Real3D needs help.


I am glad I saw it, so all the hype is behind me, but I think I would have enjoyed a more adult film better.  This one is made for the kids.  You are better off waiting til it comes out on PPV, or even Blue Ray.




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