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Why I didn't like Star Wars The Force Awakens

Jan 1, 2016 by Paul White

While everyone I talked to said it was excellent. I finally got a chance to go see it with my wife on New Years Eve.  My personal feelings is it didn't hold up to the hype.  Here is what I didn't like about the movie.

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Netflix on PS3 review its not pretty

Nov 17, 2009 by Paul White

netflix logoI recently got with netflix after learning about their new service for the PS3 that will stream unlimited movies and shows all for the low price of $8.99 / month.  granted the shows and movies are limited in selection, but what really bugs me is the quality.  Click the read for more.

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A guys review of Sex and the City

Jun 2, 2008 by Paul White

sex and the city
Over the weekend, My wife and I went to see Sex and the City on the big screen.  I was dreading the experience.  I guess had set my expectation pretty low. assuming that I would be the only man in a theater full of women and gays.  But I was surprized.  Even though the crowd was mostly women, there were also quite a few couples too.  The movie in all was pretty good.  Not what I would consider a guys night out type of flick. But definately a good date movie.  Read on for my full review

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