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Where are the Cheapest Fireworks in Houston

Where are the Cheapest Fireworks in Houston

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 by Paul White

New Years is coming up, and that means the HoustonSeasonalFireworks Sales Window is now open. You have until Jan 1st to stock up on everything you will need to impress your friends and then annoy your neighbors during the off season. If you want the best prices in town, visit theHoustonCheapFireworks.com. They have the best prices period. Don't get drawn in by those other guys who markup everything, and then do those discounts giving you the illusion you are getting a deal. Just visit the Super Warehouse on East I-10 just outside of the beltway.
They have 6 flat screen TVs running HD video demos of those more expensive items like 500 gram Aerial Cakes, and Artillery Shells. Got to like that, no more buying some expensive cake only to find out it wasn't worth the money. Now you can see what it does before you buy it.
Houston Fireworks Warehouse inventory

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