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What is the best New Years Eve Party in Houston?

What is the best New Years Eve Party in Houston?

Posted on Dec 23, 2012 by Paul White

Now that the world didn't end, its time to figure out how to spend your New Years Eve to celebrate the end of 2012. There are a lot of parties in Houston. Picking the right party is important. You could do the normal house party routine, and sit around having small talk, as you watch the Ball Drop on TV. Or you could do something a little more wild. If you want the wild experience I have just the party for you.

The best New Years Eve Party in Houston is at the Ritz Cabaret.

Even though the Ritz is normally a Gentlemen's Club, On New Years Eve the club is taken over by Desirous Party. Desirous Party is a society of Couples and Single Ladies that like to party. Only Couples and Single Ladies are allowed in. Sorry Guys if you want to attend this party you need to bring a date. No Fashion is too wild for the Desirous Party events. Sky High Stiletto Heels, Short Dresses, Low Cut Shirts. Desirous Party provides a very safe environment for the ladies to be as wild as they like without the fear of Single Males, or dirty looks from other women. There will be no strippers working at the club this night. Even though from the attire of our female guests it might look like 300 strippers are working that night.
If you are a couple that has a healthy sense of vanity, and are looking for a party that will bring a new sense of passion of excitement to your relationship join Desirous Party.

Questions and Answers

Is Desirous Party a Swingers Group?
No. There is a difference between couples that swing, and couples that like to party keeping their relationship exciting. Desirous Party caters to couples, not swingers.
How old do I have to be to attend?
21 to attend.
How old are the guests?
Most of our guests are late 20s to mid 40s, though we do have a few in the 50s and 60s which don't let age stop them from having a good time.
Are Single Males Allowed in?
No. Desirous Party is for Couples and Single Ladies only.
What is the Hotel Block?
We have a Block of Rooms at the Marriott Hobby Hotel. These include a discounted rate on dedicated floors for our guest's privacy. Many guests will host After Parties back at the hotel. Warning these might be too wild for some couples!
How many people will be attending this party?
Our Estimates based on presale tickets and web traffic puts the heat count at 550 - 600.
Is there a shuttle between the hotel and the Club?
Yes there will be several Limo Shuttles running all night between the Club and the Host Hotel.
How can I get more information about the New Years Eve Party?
Visit the following Links
Official Event Page of the Houston New Years Eve Party
Official Website of Desirous Party

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