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Verizon Thunderbolt and LTE Benchmark Very Fast

Verizon Thunderbolt and LTE Benchmark Very Fast

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 by Paul White

A buddy of mine ( Thomas ) recently upgraded from his old HTC Touch Pro 2 to a HTC Thunderbolt.  Going from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android 2.2.  I thought this move was a good one, and I asked him to send me some benchmarks on how his new phone performs on Verizon's LTE network ( real 4G ).  What he sent was unbelievable.
HTC Thunderbolt Verizon LTE network speed Benchmark on Speedtest
45.21 Mb/s Download
26.85 Mb/s Upload
This was using his Thunderbolt with Verizon's LTE Network.

To Put this into perspective Here is the Speed test of my home internet cable modem connection with comcast.

Comcast speedtest network benchmark
19.21 Mb/s Download
3.85 Mb/s Upload

I have stayed away from Verizon because I always felt they were expensive.
But seeing my buddy pull off a 45.21 Mb/s Download plus be able to get a signal in my house, unlike AT&T or T-Mobile, this might just push me to switch to Verizon.  Hell After seeing this I might buy stock too!

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