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Tripp-Lite UPS review

Posted on Mar 15, 2008 by Paul White

TrippLite UPS
After you have the power go out and loose all your work, you are willing to spend almost anything to ensure it doesn't happend again.  Even though there are many manufacturers that make UPS units.  TrippLite is one of the lesser known brands.  I bought this off ebay for around $90.  The performance is great.  It has never let me down. 

The unit is a little heavy, I would say it weighs about 20 pounds.  but considering 60% of its mass is a battery that is not too bad.  The unit can be positioned like I have it horizontally, or vertically.  The LCD display tells you what the current battery level is at and what your current input voltage is.   It also has indicators letting you know when its being used.  The Display comes off so you can rotate it to suite you positioning.  The unit connects to your computer via USB, giving you access to see what the battery level is at.  The unit supports 4 Devices, and an additional 4 for power surges.  

I run my Tower, plus 3 x 17 inch samsung syncmasters off this unit.  The only time I was forced to use it til the battery was depleted the unit lasted about 25 minutes with all these devices running.  When the unit is being drain an alarm will go off, to notify you. 

Only complaints is I wish it had more than 4 plugins for running on the battery. 

I highly recommend TrippLite to everyone.  You can find them for cheep on Ebay.
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