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The Wildest Halloween Party in Houston for 2011

The Wildest Halloween Party in Houston for 2011

Posted on Oct 6, 2011 by Paul White

So Halloween is upon us.  For those of you guys who are not in the lifestyle, this likely means that your wife or girlfriend has agreed to be seen in public this one time dressed like a fetish stripper all in the name of Halloween.  This is a special night guys.  This is not the night to take her to a typical party where every single male will likely giver her plenty of unwanted sexual harassment. This is likley to turn her off, and quickly destroy every hope you had of fulling your fantasy of doing your girl in that outfit at the end of the night.  If you want the wildest ( yet respectful ) Halloween Party in Houston( For Couples ), then attend the Halloween party at the Ritz Cabaret.  Many people might be curious as to how wild this party will get, so I have put together a small QNA to help address some of the concerns. 

If you already know you want to be part of the Wildest Halloween Party in Houston, check out the Desirousparty website.

Is this a Swingers Party?

No this is not a Swingers Party! Desirous Party is not a hardcore swingers group.  The idea behind the parties is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for couples to have a good time.  When I say good time I am talking about drinking, dancing, people watching, and conversation with other like minded couples... NOT SEX.  Some of the couples that attend the parties are considered lifestyle couples.  This means they are open minded couples who are very comfortable with their sexuality.  These are the types of couples who are comfortable at full and semi nude resorts.  However Desirous Party does not throw Sex Parties.  You will not see anybody having sex at the Desirous Party events.  You might see something similar to what you would see in a girls gone wild video ( girl on girl action ), but there is nothing really beyond this.  The Parties are fun classy events, that give everyone a chance to mingle.  What happens back at the hotel is your own business.

How old are the couples at the Parties?

The couples range from mid 20s to mid 40s.  Most of the couples are in great shape, and take a lot of pride in their physical appearance.  The women are gorgeous, and the guys are clean cut.  Everyone respects everybody else's space, and is there to just have a good time.

How wild can the outfits be?

On Halloween you are likely to see every fetish stripper outfit you can think of.  Sexy Nurse, Sexy Devil, School Girl, Even Movie characters. Some girls arrive wearing nothing but pastes ( stickers that cover the nipples ), a thong, and heels.  Others have elaborate outfits.  However by the end of the night, many girls have shed a few layers, leaving little to the imagination.

What type of music will be played?

Downstairs will be Top 40 Dance Remixes, along with a few classics, Upstairs will be top 40, along with House and Trance Remixes. 

How many Dance Floors?

The Ritz is a 2 story club.  The main floor downstairs will have a dancefloor setup in front of the main stage.  Upstairs will have a dance floor setup under the lighting truss.  Upstairs has 14 Intelligent Scanning Mirror Fixtures, along with LED Pars for Ambient lighting.  Downstairs on the main stage we have 10 Scanning Mirror Fixtures, along with LED Pars and 3 Lasers.  The front room will have 2 scanning mirror fixtures along with LED Pars. The front room is meant for spillover when the other two dance floors get packed.

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