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The Number 1 reason to move your cell phone service to Verizon

The Number 1 reason to move your cell phone service to Verizon

Posted on Sep 13, 2021 by Paul White

Yes, Verizon costs more.  But I am finding the biggest reason to move to verizon is one you only realize after you move, and its also one they don't mention in their marketing.  Voice quality affects business relationships!

I spent the last 5 years on Google Fi, and after switchin to Verizon 3 days ago, I have never had voice quality this good.

The biggest thing I have noticed after switching was how my voice calls are now crystal clear.  Clean crisp full range voice.  My wife now sounds peaceful and pleasant.  I am starting to wonder how many relationships have ended in divorce over the terrible voice quality other networks give their customers.  Voice quality allows people to communicate emotions.  Happy, Positive, or concerned.  Where when you don't have voice quality every thing is communicated as depressed monotone negativity.

Just today I talked to a client, and I could tell by the tone of their voice they were really happy with our conversation.  Part of that was me being able to hear their voice in full audio range.  But also they could now hear me in the same way. As a result my emotions and excitement are better communicated.  When you can't meet in person effective audio communication is imperative to building relationships in business.

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