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The Cheapest place to buy Fireworks in Houston

The Cheapest place to buy Fireworks in Houston

Posted on Jun 27, 2015 by Paul White

In Texas we have a small seasonal window to buy fireworks.  June 24th - July 4th, and a few days around new years.  Fireworks is a fun activity to do with your entire family.  I personally have great memories as a kid doing block parties for the 4th of July.  Being that most families will spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks, finding the place with the lowest prices is important.  Some stands will double their prices, and then use huge discount promos to make your feel like your are saving money.  But if you want non of the BS, and just want Walmart style pricing ( everyday low prices ), then there is only 1 vendor in Houston to shop at.

Houston Cheap Fireworks

These guys are doing it the right way!  Low Prices, plus the best retail experience you will ever have for purchasing fireworks.  When I was a kid I would usually stick to smaller things like smoke bombs, fire crackers, and novelties like tanks.  I didn't buy the larger items like Multishot Cakes, because I couldn't bring myself to pay $50 for something that I didn't know what it would do.  At Houston Cheap Fireworks this is not a problem, because they run video demos of most of their inventory on 10 HD TVs inside their store.  They even have TVS at all their stands.  Plus unlike the other guys,  They actually display their pricing online.  Their Warehouse in East I-10 might be a drive for some but the savings make the drive worth it.

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