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Temptation Lounge Houston Nightclub

Posted on Feb 14, 2009 by Paul White

Temptation Lounge is a brand new nightclub for Houston lifestyle couples ( AKA swingers ).  I did the website for them, and last night I went in to take some shots of the club before it opened.  Lots of Lounge seating, 2 large bars. Big dance floor, private rooms where I am sure some very naughty activities will happen.  Grand opening is Saturday night ( 14th valentines day ).  Don't let the whole lifestyle thing scare you.  The club is BYOB, with free mixers after you pay the cover charge.  If you go say you are with desirous party, so you get a reduced cover fee.  Even if you are not into the lifestyle thing.  The people are very respectful, of your space.  You could go with your significant other, drink, talk, dance, and not have to leave until 4 Am when they close.  There is no pressure.  My wife and I are not in the lifestyle but its a fun atmosphere to be around, and it makes for some great people watching.

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