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T-Mobile Houston 3G network gets boost in Pearland

T-Mobile Houston 3G network gets boost in Pearland

Posted on Jun 23, 2010 by Paul White

Today my Comcast Cable Modem Service went out again.  So I plugged my HTC HD2 phone into my desktop via the USB cable, loaded up Internet Sharing and started tethering.  In the past I would get terrible speeds ( mostly due to not being able to get a strong enough 3G signal.  If I was at home, I was on Edge ( 14KB - 20KB ) transfers at best.  If I was near the towers the speeds were better, but they still couldn't touch AT&T's HSDPA.  So today when I plugged my phone into workstation I wasn't expecting anything special.  But instead I got a big surprise.  3.53 Mb/s downstream, 1.44 Mb/s Upstream via tethering with my HD2 on the Tmobile 3G network

Still not H icon indicator on my phone, but these speeds blow away anything I would get from AT&T.  Very fast.  I almost can't tell the difference between my cable modem connection and tether on the T-Mobile Network.  Plus my 3G signal has jumped from 1 bar to 4 bars.  Thank You T-Mobile.  If you want awesome coverage in Houston with no dropped calls, and fast 3G Uncapped data ( unlike those other carriers who call their plans unlimited, but then impliment a 5GB cap ),  Get with T-Mobile!

For those who want to know where in town I am at.  I am located in Pearland, TX 77584,  Close to the interception of 518 ( broadway ) and 35 ( Telephone ).  T-Mobile just gave everyone in the area some love.
Thanks T-Mobile!!!

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