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Rocketraid 4310 Benchmarks RAID 10

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 by Paul White

I finally got my server setup properly and running the way 4 15K SAS drives should in RAID 10.  Thus far I am very happy with the HighPoint RocketRaid 4310.  The benchmarks tell all

RocketRaid 4310 Benchmark
200 MB/sec read isn't bad.
This is with a 64K strip size, which is obvious with the peak at the 64 KB blocks.

My Server is running with the following setup
4 x 146GB 15K RPM Fujitsu SAS drives
1 x HighPoint RocketRaid 4310 (256MB DDR2)
The drives are configured into RAID 10 ( striping and mirroring )

The performance over all is similar to my workstation that is running 2 x 146GB SAS drives.  But I will say that 256MB of on board DDR2 member really helps with cached reads.  Also for these tests I had Write caching enabled.  This can be dangerous because if your system looses power, you will get corruption errors on your disks since data stored in the RAM didn't make it to the disks.  But I have ordered a Battery Backup that is specifically made for this board.  This will keep the RAM hot for up to 48 hours in case of a power outage.

The only two situations in which I would need this 48 hour buffer would be if my power supply was to suffer an outage, and I had to get one over-nighted to replace it.  The other situation would be if we had some kind of natural disaster, and the data center lost power.  I would then drive down there with my workstation's UPS, hook it up and give my system a few minutes to write the data to the disks, allowing me to properly shut it down.

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