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RocketRAID 4310 PCI e x8 problems with SuperMirco Server

Posted on Oct 14, 2009 by Paul White

Even though every manufacturer has their share of bad eggs in any given batch. It would seem that I got one of those bad eggs this time around.  At this point I am going to advise anyone considering HighPoint's 4310 SATA/SAS RocketRAID card to pick a different brand.  I bought the card from new egg for a great price.  It shippped quickly.  Brand new still in the shrink wrap.  Took out the card and installed it into my SuperMicro 6014-32 1U Rack Server.  Turned on the power and the overheat / fault Red LED found on the front of the server came on.  Plus the server started in this loud 60 bpm Beep.  The system didn't POST, no display.  I took our the raid card and tried again, and everything was fine.  So either there is something about my system's PCI e x8 riser card and port that is causing problems. Or there is a problem with the card itself.  After some research it woudl seem there are a few other people who had less the excellent things to say about this RocketRAID card.  I have emailed SuperMicro to see if there is anything I might be missing. If they don't respond soon, I will RMA this with NewEgg.

Right side PCI slot bad idea

Low Profile PCI-e x8 slot might not be the best place for this card.  It squeezes it next to the ram and behind the CPUs.  Even though the card would fit, getting the Mini-SAS to SAS cable to navigate from that side of the server to the Drives BackPane was going to cause some cramping, and greatly restrict airflow.  I decided that when I get a working RAID card it would best if it was of the left side of the case where it would have a more direct path to the backpane.  I have orderd the modified riser card.  At least the riser card is one that is used on many different SuperMicro Servers.  I was lucky to find many for sale on ebay.  Got one for $19.99 with free shipping.  I know the left PCI port works as I have used a wireless network card in it.  Once I have the new riser card installed I will try again with this card to see if I can get it working on the left side, else I will most likely be returning this card to get an adaptec card.

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