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Reign Lounge in Houston getting mixed reviews

Posted on Aug 8, 2009 by Paul White

Nightclubs are about one thing.  Status!  Its all about creating the perception that you have status in an over crowded environment.  You valet your leased luxury / sports coupe.  You pay the doorman to get in.  You buy bottles to get your own couch for you and your crew.  All to see and be seen.  One night on the town can easily cost a few grand depending on the club and town.  People in NYC, LA, and Vegas have come to accept this way of life.  Those with money and connections, get in,  those without don't.

But after reading some of the reviews about Reign, it would seem they are trying to turn Washington Street into the Vegas Strip.  People wait in long lines, to not get in.  The doorman decides he is god, and unless you pay him, the chances of you getting in are slim to none.  Now first let me say that if a club wants to run this kind of establishment that is their own business. I have not personally been to Reign, so I can't comment on this from a first person perspective.  But to read other's first person experiences, with rude bouncers, inconsistent dress codes, and Door guys that will not let you in unless you pay them,  really ticks me off.  It doesn't matter who is waiting in line,  they should be treated with respect. 

Treating people like animals is no way to maintain a successful business.  I have a feeling that Reign Lounge will follow in the foot steps of Crome Lounge.  They will do good buisness the first few months.  Then get a big head, and make all the less than perfect people ( 90% ) wait in a line with no hope of getting in.  This will piss people off and they will stop coming.  Eventually the whos who will start going to other clubs since there is no longer a line out front that makes them feel important, and the club will shut down.

On Wednesday I went to Sawyer Park with a Friend and Client for a business meeting.  Sawyer Park is also located on the quickly growing Washington Street.  It was 7PM on a wednesday.  The place was packed.  Everyone was having a good time, and there was no door guy black mailing you to get in.  The 2nd floor terrace was great.  The sun was setting and its reflection against the downtown Houston skyscrapers with orange an pink hues was beautiful.  The crowd was a very attractive 20-30 something corporate after work crowd.  The drink prices were decent considering the area of town, and the food was awesome.  Great place for people watching.  I would estimate there was over 500 people there.  Everyone was very well dressed.  If you get a chance I highly recommend checking this place out.  Not sure if things get more Vegas like when the sun goes down, but if they are as open at night as they are during the day, they will be around for a long time.

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