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Norton Antivirus making your computer slow

Posted on Sep 10, 2007 by Paul White

I know many computer people are going to look down on me for this.  But the fact is when you get a computer out of the box it runs pretty fast.  When you start installing programs like Antivirus programs, Firewalls, servers, Anti Spyware Programs, they tend to slow down your computer.  Each of these programs run constantly in the background of your system.  My wife's laptop started to slow down to the point that when you like on start there was a 2 second delay.  Nothing is more annoying than a computer in which the user can do things faster than the computer itself.  So I simply removed norton, and the performance was there again.  If you know what you are doing with your computer, and aren't worried about viruses, it might be safe to remove additional security.    If this is not an option, I recommend NOD32 Antivirus. This antivirus program auto updates itself, and has almost no negative impact on performance. 

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