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How to Record 4K 60 with a Pixel 5 without overheating

Posted on Aug 5, 2022 by Paul White

One of the issues I have run into with my Pixel 5 Phone is it overheats when recording 4K 60 Video.  I know some of you would just suggestion turn it to 30 FPS, or even go down to HD, but I didn't pay a small fortune for the latest from Google to not use 4K 60 video recording.  After some research I found the Trick to making it work.

Turn everything else off.

Thats right everything.  Close all Apps running in the background.  Disable Bluetooth, Disable WIFI, Disable HotSpot, Disable Mobile Data, Disable Location / GPS.  Pretty much turn off everything.  Then open your camera App and start recording.  I successfully got to over 5 minutes with no issues while recording 4K 60FPS.  I could have gone longer but didn't test to see.  Before doing all this I could only get about 90 seconds of video before it would say overheat and stop recording.

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