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Houston Stripclubs prepare for OTC

Houston Stripclubs prepare for OTC

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 by Paul White

OTC is the Offshore Technology Conference.  Its a place where Energy professionals get to show off their latest stuff, and rub sholders with like minded individuals.  This is not just a conference for people in the US, but for people all over the world.  This is also known as Christmas for Houston's Stripclubs.

The area's Stripclubs are already preparing for the surge in business they will endure between May 3rd through the 10th.   Dancers from out of the state will be migrating to Houston to take advantage of this seasonal window.  

Any girl that has thought about dancing, now would be a good time to start.  You could pay the next 3 months rent in a single night.  

A couple of clubs I recommend both for Dancers, and for the OTC attendees are

The Colorado Sports Bar and Grill

The Colorado has the best Light Show in town, along with the decor of an old Colorado Log Cabin.  They have a serious Beer Setup with 4 Cobra Jets on each Bar, which chills the beer to the optimal temperature. Plus they Chill their glasswear to -20 degrees to ensure your beer stays at its optimal temperature.


Ritz Houston also know as Ritz Cabaret

The Ritz is one of the largest Clubs in Houston with 2 floors, and an outdoor tropical patio where you can enjoy your favorite Cigar.  They have a 5 Star Menu, and take pride in their VIP second floor with its own private bar, and a great view of the main stage.

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