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Club Coppia Houston Night Club Review and Photos

Club Coppia Houston Night Club Review and Photos

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 by Paul White

Club Coppia Houston NightClub
Over the weekend I visited Club Coppia.  One of my clients had a promotion going on, so I got a spend a little quality time with my clients, as well as get some pictures of their club.

Club Coppia Layout
First of all if you are looking for a huge club, that packs in 1000s of people coppia is not your place.  Coppia is a relatively small bar, taking up two units of a strip mall.  The interior is excellent.  Seating is comfortable, done up in contemporary styling.  The seating on the outside is raised up and seating is organized into small booths with each booth being able to comfortably accomadate 4-6 people. The bar is made of granite, with a beautiful display of bottles and decor on the back wall.  The lighting was just right and the music was not too loud. 

Club Coppia Crowd
The crowd was very attractive.  Coppia is what I would call a 5% club.   Their goal is to provide an place where attractive couples and ladies ( which only represent 5% of the population ) can mingle and enjoy the night life.  Coppia is a couples club, which keeps away any single males.  Don't mistake Couples as being Swingers.  Naturally Swingers do hangout at couples clubs, but its better to just view Coppia as a safe and relaxing place you and your significant other can enjoy for the night.  I would compare Coppia to being a studio 54 ( minus the drugs and orges ) for couples in the Houston area.  If you want a sophisticated place with excellent decor then Club Coppia is your place.  If you want a sex club try somewhere else.
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