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Clear Wireless provides honest coverage maps

Clear Wireless provides honest coverage maps

Posted on May 25, 2010 by Paul White

For those of you who are not familiar with Clear, clear is a wireless provider that bought the WiMAX 4G spectrum quite a while ago.  Today I got a promotional advertisement in the mail for Clear.  Being an heavy user of wireless services I am always looking to save some money or up my performance, so I did a little research, and was impressed with what I found.

first on their coverage map you will notice that they could care less about serving the midwest or california.  However they do serve many Texas Metro areas.  So I zoomed in and was amazed at what I found.  Dead Spots.  Most wireless providers play the whole cat and mouse game with customers.  A customer would look at the coverage maps of AT&T or T-Mobile and according to their maps they should have excellent 3G coverage.  They lie to them about their coverage, then after they have customers locked into a contract they just deal with the customers bitching about not getting 3G data coverage in their home.  Clear Wireless is taking a different approach.  They have honest coverage maps.  Like for instance my house is somewhere in the middle where there is no coverage, and I can also see that my neighbor would get good coverage.  For me its nice to see that I would not have coverage, which saves me time and money.  I also make a mental note to check back often to see if this map changes.

Now keep in mind that I am only speaking about the coverage map.  I have no experience with Clear's service, so I couldn't speak on half of its products and services, but its nice to see a company taking this routing in their customer relations.  Also the fact that they use contrasting colors so you can tell the difference is nice too.  T-Mobile for example its almost impossible to tell the difference between their Excellent / Very Good / Good / Moderate Coverage Areas because they are almost the exact same tint of green.  Maybe if they changed it to Green, yellow, orange, red that would be better, but of course some VP in marketing thinks that would send the wrong message to consumers if the Good coverage area ( meaning 1 bar ) was colored red.   If Clear every gets coverage to my House I might have to give them a try, just for the fact that they aren't trying to fake it to their customers.

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