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Best Haunted Houses in Houston

Best Haunted Houses in Houston

Posted on Oct 10, 2013 by Paul White

Before you wait in lines at some Houston's Worst Haunted Houses, I suggest you try Terror Dome First.  This is a real haunted house where people enter excited then come running out with their adrenaline pumping.  

To be clear, yes Houston Terror Dome is my client so naturally I am just a little biased.  But I don't take on clients who's goal is to profit from Suck.  I have a very close relationship with the owner, so I see every aspect of the business.  That said I can honestly say they go to extra lengths to ensure their haunted house does not leave you walking going MEH.   First of all as far as I am aware they are the only Haunted House in Houston with Air conditioning.  Its a nice cool 70 degrees inside.  So you will be scared but comfortable.  

The walls are 3D painted.  Halfway through the haunt they give you 3D glasses to wear.  The art on the walls looks like its jumping out at you.  You have to see it to believe it.

Zombie Dancers Houston

On Friday and Saturdays they have a Live DJ and Zombie GoGo Dancers.  Which is nice entertainment when you are waiting in line.  The lines are not too bad.  Average wait is about 15 minutes to get in.

How Scary is Terror Dome Houston Haunted House?

I took some photos of people coming out the exit.
These should speak for themselves.

Scarred People at a Houston Haunted House

Don't fall for the other places that claim to have 5 or 3 haunts in one.  Its just marketing to make them sound bigger than they are.  Which would you rather have,  5 small haunts, or 1 really big one?

Click Here to checkout the scarriest Haunted House in Houston.
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