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Best Halloween Parties in Houston

Best Halloween Parties in Houston

Posted on Oct 27, 2015 by Paul White

Its that time of year again.  The kids will go door to door soliciting for Candy, but Mom and Dad need to have fun too.  So after the kids get back from Trick or Treating, let the sitter take over and prepare for a night of adult fun.  The best Halloween Party for Mom to let her hair down is at the Ritz with DesirousParty. That last sentence might have raised a few red flags to most moms.  So allow me to answer your questions befor your imagination runs away with you, and you.

Isn't the Ritz a StripClub?

yes normally it is, but on Halloween they kick out the strippers, and allow DesirousParty to take over the entire club for a 1 night costumed event.

What is DesirousParty?

Desirous Party is a Promotional Group and Online Community that is made for couples that refuse to let kids, work, and stress get in the way of having a good time.  They appeal to Lifestyle Couples, and Single Ladies.

What are Lifestyle Couples?

Lifestyle Couples maintain a modern sense of style and vanity.  They workout, stay fit, and enjoy the night life.

Is this a Swinger Party?

No.  Even though the events are designed for Couples and Single Ladies, these are not swinger parties.  Some Swingers do attend, but I can assure you this is not a meat market.  Everyone is respectful of everyone else.  You are not going to see anyone having sex on tables.  Its a very upscale event.  You might see a few girls loose their top after a few drinks, but the guys will remain clothed.

What about Single Males?

Unescorted single males are no allowed to attend.  All Guys must have a date, or be escorted by another couple.  You won't have any problems with single males getting drunk and hitting on the women.  

How Safe are the events?

Very safe.  Most of the women come dressed in outfits you would see in a Vegas Night Club.  Tight fitting dresses and sky high heels.  Being its a Halloween event, most guests will be dressed in a themed costume.

How can I learn more?

Click Here to learn more about the Houston Halloween Erotica Parties

Click Here to Learn more about Desirous Party

Click Here to Order Tickets on EventBrite


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