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Best Burger in Houston Review

Best Burger in Houston Review

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 by Paul White

Years ago a buddy of mine called me and said he was going to open a dive bar in midtown, and asked me to do the website for it.  This bar was Saint Danes located in Midtown Houston.  Until last weekend I had never eaten there.  He always encouraged me to come down, but my busy schedule always got in the way.  So after eating there I can honestly say they have the best Burger I have ever eaten.  Keep in mine I have tried burgers everywhere in Houston, including a few local stripclubs (which take pride in their food).  

The photo above was of my half eaten burger.  I forgot to get a picture before I started eating.  I wasn't after I had eaten half the burger that I realized I needed to blog about it.  

Saint Danes Decor

First you have to realize that before it was Saint Danes it was an old garage that did things like oil changes and brakes.  They converted it into an open patio setup where you can sit down and enjoy a good meal, and enjoy your favorite sporting events.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Its a great place to grab a bit, and bring your dog with you.  We have 4 year old son, and the waitress was very friendly and accomadating to our family.  It was like enjoying a barbaque in your backyard.  


We are looking forward to going back soon.  


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