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Posted on Apr 28, 2008 by Paul White

New Website coming soon
It has been way too long since I updated my website.  In truth my current website is just one page site listing my portfolio and a contact form.  It doesn't even come close to showing what I can really do.  The new website will be a full flash website using a little 3D in the presentation.  I am currently working on a few other projects, so finding time to work on the new site is hard.  Of course this just means Mr Coffee is getting alot of use. 

Morals vs Working on Adult Sites.
If you look at my portfolio you will notice that some of my clients have adult websites.  Just because I build a website for a client that is using it to promote adult content and or services, doesn't mean I am also a consumer of the products and services of which they provide.  Unfortunately there are always some people that are extremely close minded about adult websites, and the developers who build them.  I am sure it has cost me a few jobs in the past.  The fact remains that Adult Entertainment is a multi Billion Dollar industry.  If I can get myself  a slice of that pie, no matter how small a slice, I will do it. 

Do you ever turn down work and why?
I have turned down many projects in the past.  Being there is only so many hours in a day, I have to prioritize what projects I take on. 

1. My first rule is I don't work on websites that will directly compete with my current client's websites.  If you want a website that is going to directly compete for the same customers in the same geographic area as one of my clients I will turn you down.  This is out of respect for my current clients.  I have a great deal of knowledge about how my clients run their business, how they succeed, and where they are weak.  However this knowledge is confidential.  I do not discuss the intimate details of my client's websites
2. I don't take on websites that will fail.  With the recent boom and hype behind online dating sites,and myspace.com.  Everyone thinks they can build a website and make millions just like them.  Unless you are targeting a niche market that is under served, the chance of you succeeding is slim.  Keep in mind that Myspace and other sites started off as two kids in a garage. They had no captial, and built the site themselves.  If you truely want to do something right you have to do it yourself.  Else you will end up paying someone for your own lack of know how.
3. If a client approaches me with the attitude that they are price shopping, and have no clue what they want or need. I will be skeptical to work with them.  I have a great deal of knowledge, that has taken years to learn.  When you hire me to work on your project, you are getting an experienced developer that will make recommendations that are in your best interests.  I don't nickel and dime my clients.  My goal is to provide them with as much functionality for as little money as possible.  My goal is not to get rich off your website, but to make you rich from your website, allowing you to expand your business and then come back to me with future projects.
4. Don't assume you know things when you don't.  Knowing a few buzz words does not make you an expert on websites.  When you come to a developer you are not in the power position.  Be humble.  Else I will let you go and waste someone else's time. 
5. My time is not negotiable.  When I give a client an estimate, it is based on how much time it will take for a certain number of features.  If the price is higher than you want to spend, we can remove features to get your site down to your price range.
6. Money can't buy an original Idea.  In the past I had a person approach me with a large sum of money.  They wanted a site just like one of my other client's.  However when it was time to discuss the layout and functionalty, they told me to just do what I thought was best.  If you don't have a vision to what you want to achieve, no amount of money will be enough. 
7.  Finally just because I turn a website down doesn't mean its not a viable business model.  It just means that either (A) it will make me too unavailable to my other clients. or (B) The growth cycle is too long or the expectations are unrealistic.  However if I think your expectations are not realistic I will tell you.  Even if its not what you want to hear.  Just don't take it personally.  If I didnt' respect you I wouldn't be honest.

There is nothing on TV
The other night I was watching TV, at least that is what I was trying to do.  I kept switching to my favorite channels, and they were all on commercials.  Not just that but when shows came back on , they sucked.  It used to be you could find decent shows on most channels.  I feel like either the American Consumer is getting dumber, or I am just getting more sophisticated.  I don't think I have changed that much in the past few years.  In general when I watch TV I see alot of over dramatic negative situations being played out.  The only exception is a few shows on History, Discovery, or National Geographic.  Let me give everyone a little wake up call.  Besides Live Sports, there is no such thing as reality TV.  Its all pre scripted drama designed to keep you watching.  To me its a turn off.  Nothing logical or intelligent happends on these shows.  I used to be a fan of Fox news.  But after seeing a little too much sexual harrasment on the female hosts from the male hosts I was turned off.  Not just that but when they bring in their experts to talk about issues the experts are so biased it makes me sick.  I would disconnect our cable, but unfortunately there is no other provider for broadband in our area.  Once Verizon FIOS reaches our neighborhood, I will be dropping Comcast.

McCain disrespects our youth
The other day I saw a clip from a McCain rally.  He was taking questions from the audience.  A 10 year old boy was trying to ask an intelligent question, and McCain cut him off.  McCain asked him hold old he was. The boy said 10.  McCain then asked the boy " Can you vote".  The boy said "no".  McCain told the boy to sit down.  When I was 10 I had some very strong views about issues.  Seeing McCain disrespect our youth like this angers me. 
It doesn't matter if he can vote or not.  He is an American, and his views and opinons are just as valuable.  McCain had better start running a positive message with some real ideas for change if he wants to stand a chance against Obama in November.  I am still up in the air about who will get my vote.  Being a small business owner I am very sensitive to anything that will increase our taxes.  This makes me lean more right than left.  Hopefully we can get some real ideas before the election. Else I will vote for nadar (again) just to make a point.

Financial Advice for others
Houston is a fast money town.  People will go out and spend hundreds at the bars and clubs, then go back home and try to find enough money to make their mortgage payments ( Which isn't much in houston considering an average home costs 140k ).  My advice... Pay off your depts.  Everyone seems to think its ok to have a credit card balance, a mortgage and a car loan, just because everyone else lives this way.  Pay them all off.  Start with the high interest depts first.  Then pay off your mortgage and Car.  Don't upgrade to a new care just because your car isn't the latest and greatest. Then after you are dept free, and have reduced your cost of living down to something modest.  Start investing.  Our current financial situation is exactley what caused the great depression at the end of the 1920s.  Pay off your depts!
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