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Threadripper build parts start to arrive

Threadripper build parts start to arrive

Posted on Aug 11, 2017 by Paul White

My Parts order from New Egg has started to arrive.  I am still waiting on the Case, Motherboard, and Power Supply.  I went on newegg's website and did instant chat to get an update on the motherboard.  They coudlnt' tell me how many pre-orders were in front of me, all they could say is another shipment was supposed to arrive today ( 8/11) and it would ship out no later than 8/15 for pre-orders, but the way they phrased meant my pre-order might not get shipped out by then.  In the mean time looking at other options for x399 motherboard, I noticed that all the other boards were getting on backorder. With only the MSI board still available.  I quickly cancelled my pre-order and bought the MSI board instead which saved me $200.  I just don't get hte cool RGB lighting, or 10Gbit port. Not a big deal to me.  If anything I like the MSI board's layout better with all the NVME drives on the board and not some riser card.  I had waited til the 15th to see if my original choice got shipped and decided to cancel, there wouldn't be any other board left, and I would be sitting for possibly months waiting for online retailers to restock.  The same situation happend when Ryzen 7 released.  I read about too many guys who were sitting for months. with $4k in parts, but no motherboard.  If anyone is waiting on a pre-order you might want to just take what you can get now.  

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