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Posted on Aug 31, 2014 by Paul White

This morning as I was reading the news off my Google News Reader, I noticed one headline that was a little startling.  Dianne Feinstein attacking Obama for not moving faster on the threat posted by the Islamic State.  Politicians attacking each other is nothing new, but for a Democrat, and not just any Democrat, but one from California which tend to lean ultra liberal, to attach the president not being more hawkish does say something.

Hilary was there first

However over a month ago Hillary Clinton was one of the first Democrats to speak out on Obama's failures to manage the war effort in the middle east.  Many people attribute her speaking out as nothing more than a way to grab headlines and sell more books.  It also is political postering for the 2016 elections.  But after speaking with many people I see this differently.

The 90s and the roaring economy.

During the 90s we had explosive economic growth.  Bill Clinton managed to leave office with the national debt in decline and we had a budget surplus.  When I speak to many business owners they talk about how the 90s were great times for their business.  That of course was before the .com burst, and before so much of our economy went online.  But still many business owners, even the conservative ones, have great things to say about Bill Clinton and what he did for our Economy.  I am not sure if its right to give Bill Clinton all the credit, as much of our economy was a result of dramatic changes in the economy with the growth of the internet.  But still as an ex-president Bill Clinton's popularity can not be denied.

Would President Hillary be a 3rd and 4th Term of the Clinton Legacy?

Hillary's biggest weakness is she is a woman.  This is not me being sexist.  Its the fact that women are seen as weak when it comes to confronting agression.  By Hilary speaking out and saying we should have gone into Syria, and done more to prevent ISIS, she is saying she is more Hawkish than stereotypes would lead people to believe.  Bill Clinton didn't have any problems directing air strikes, and using the power of his office to get things done.  Obama on the other hand is too worried about what the constituation says he can and can not do.  By Hillary speaking out she is starting to look more like Bill Clinton and not so much like the stereotypes people have associated with women in politics.

Hilary's Negatives.

Obama and Bill both have Carisma.  They are very likeable people.  To win the election you have to have that kind of carisma.  Most americans don't have the intelligence to understand the various issues and how laws could potentially affect them.  Hence the reason most political Ads sell fear which is an easier concept to scare votes away from the other guy.  Hillary does not have the kind of Carisma, Bill and Obama have.  She sounds monotoned when speaking, and comes off as robotic and political.  When she smiles or interacts with people it looks fake.  

Hilary's Positives

She is not Hot.  She used to be kind of cute in the 90s, but age has not done her well.  In politics, an attractive women is not taken seriously.  Sarah Palin learned this the hard way.  Some say Hillary has gone under the knife, but it doesn't matter since she doesn't have that Joan Rivers look.  Women in Politics are like MMA Fighers.  They often wear their battle scares on their face.  The Wrinkles are a reflection of their disappointment with the status quo, and the lack of botox.  The more Hillary can make people see her in the same light as Bill the more popular she will become.  

How Hilary can win the 2016 Presidential Election

Its pretty simple.  Name Bill Clinton as your running mate.  People will think they are getting the 90s back, and most people especially in business have very good memories of the 90s.

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