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Moving to Lincoln Nebraska

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 by Paul White

I have moved to Lincoln Nebraska,  Still Unpacking everything.  Here are a few tips for anyone else getting ready to move.

Cost of Moving

If you pay a professional moving company to move the contents of your 4 bedroom house accross the country be prepared to spend upwards of $6k minimum.  The initial quotes might be less, but when they start going through your house they will start to nickle and dime you for little things.  They wanted to charge extra to move our safes.  These are not even big safes, weight of each was under 200 lbs.  The safes weighed less than some of our furniture.  After getting a few high quotes, we decided to rent a Truck and do it ourselves.

Renting a Truck

We rented a 26' Penske Truck.  We hoped it would be big enough to fit everything, but it wasn't.  We ended up selling, or taking some items to the consignment shop.  The truck runs on diesel which is definitely the way to go,  much better mileage than regular.  When we moved to Houston some 15 years ago, we had a smaller truck that ran on regular.  The problem with smaller trucks is they are not really built for moving a lot. The suspensions are softer, which means the truck has a tendancy to roll from side to side, which can be scary as you countersteer to keep the thing upright.  The Penske Truck did not have this issue, it had no body roll, and was solid.  By the time I finished the 900+ miles trek from Houston to Lincoln I felt like a pro at it.  The only bad thing I will say about hte Penske truck was it had a govenor that would not let you drive any faster than 70 MPH.  This was very annoying on Interstates where the speed limit was 75 and other drivers were flying by at 80 or 85.  I calculated this alone cost me an additional hour of drive time.  

Food and beverage selections for the Trip

Stick with salty foods, and sip your beverage of choice.  This will help prevent you from making frequent bathroom breaks.  I went to walmart before the trip and bought a couple of bags of trail mix.  

Leaving Houston with my Middle finger to Comcast

Comcast announced they were going to start implementing datacaps of 1TB on all Houston residential internet plans starting Nov 1st.  I do about 3TB a month, so this mean my bill was about to jump to $350 / month due to overages.  Where I live now, there are no data caps, and Allo is running Gigabit fiber to homes in our area.  I will be able to get Gigabit internet for $80 / month by years end.  That alone made the move worth it.  

Check your Tire Pressure, and Oil

My wife was driving my Honda behind the truck.  I made sure the tires were inflated to 35 PSI, and then topped off the oil and added a little extra.  I run 0w-20 which gives better mileage, but my Prelude has a very slow oil leak.  70% through the trip I checked the oil and found it was about a Quart short. I topped it off again.  


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