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Mobicam Baby Monitor Camera Review its Bad

Mobicam Baby Monitor Camera Review its Bad

Posted on Feb 16, 2010 by Paul White

Baby monitors and cameras are the gadget to have for new parents.  The ability to setup a camera and then keep watch on your baby with a hand held device seems almost worth its weight in gold.  But there are a few things you should be aware of.  Hopeful this guide will steer many of you from buying the Mobicam Digital Wireless Monitoring System.

Where to buy a Baby Monitor?

If you buy it at Baby's R Us you are spending top dollar.  I recommend you instead do your research online and checkout amazon.com to buy your baby camera.  Even when comparing the Mobican Digital Wireless Monitoring System to Ebay,  Amazon was cheaper.  The reason I highly suggestion Amazon is they often have free shipping, and have a paid shipping return policy.  As I write this I am waiting for UPS to pick up my camera and return it to Amazon.  So no matter where you buy your camera make sure they have a good return policy.

What to expect from your baby camera monitoring system?

First of all don't expect HD quality.  The devices have small screens, which have very chopping and pixelated resolution.  Its like watching a bad webcam from a computer back in the late 90s.  If you want something with 30 fps and DVD quality, you will need to invest into an expensive IP network camera.  Some of them even have the ability to rotate and pivot the camera letting you scan an entire room.  A really good Sony IP camera costs over $2k.  Sometimes you can find them for sale on ebay for $600 if you are lucky.  So if you want the best resolution possible, forget the baby cam in a box solutions you will find at Baby's R Us.

Mobi Mobicam Digital strengths

This baby camera is relatively well built, it has IR LEDs giving you the ability for night vision, and its very easy to use.  The portable video monitor gets up to 8 hours of run time off a single charge.  It uses a cell phone like brick battery, which I suspect are cheap off ebay for replacements. Signal strength is good, picture and audio was relatively clear throughout my entire house with no static. Over all construction of both the camera and portable unit are good, either one looks as if they could take a good fall and keep going. 

Mobi Mobicam Digital Problems

First even though the camera was pretty consistent in video and audio quality, the picture is still pixelated.  Though you need to keep in mind this is going to be normal with all baby monitors.  But here is the real problem.  When the camera is turned on,  it causes so much radio interference it locks up all WIFI devies in my house.  The way I know this is because when I turned it off my home's wireless network started working again.  My wireless router is a linksys that supports N, G, B bands.  Not sure what frequency this unit uses but its overlapping with the same frequencies that my wireless router uses.  

Who do I recommend this unit for?

If you live in a house on several acres of land with no neighbors nearby, and don't have a wireless router, then I recommend it for you.  But if you life in a house with the typical 1/3 acre lot, not only will it disrupt your internet, it will likely take down your neighbors internet as well.  If you live in an apartment don't even think of it.  I suspect one camera could render an entire apartment complex's wireless internet useless.    Honestly the only purpose I can see for this unit is to piss of your neighbors.  So if you live in an apartment complex and your internet is really slow, or sometimes frozen altogether, I suspect someone nearby has one of these Baby Monitors setup. 


Since most of you probably have some sort of wireless network for your home's internet,  I recommend you don't get the Mobi Mobicam Digital baby monitoring system!

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